Liesbeth Castell-Lotgering, POM Amsterdam

The label POM Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by the Dutch sisters Liesbeth and Violet. They set out to make superb quality shawls that make women happy. POM wants to add sparkle to people's lives by creating fashionable items that come in a colourful variety of unique and stylish designs to give everyone their favourite 'Piece Of Mine'. Shawls that can completely change your look in the blink of an eye. The two sisters design all fabrics and shawls themselves at their office in Amsterdam. Often you find some subtle characteristics of POM Amsterdam, or some other fun elements of Amsterdam, woven into the fabrics.

The shawls are produced in Europe. Besides its own collection, POM has also designed collections for various partners, including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, KLM / Royal Dutch Airlines (check the in-flight magazine!) and the Dance4Life charity. Step into the colourful world of POM Amsterdam and perk up your outfit with one of their (our) many products! Choose a POM that fits your style and makes you feel warm, cozy and beautiful. 

"We love designing shawls that give women the opportunity to express their own personal style. A shawl is the perfect way to enhance your outfit in an easy way: it will lift your look instantly as it is close to your face, so everyone will see it! We hope you enjoy wearing your POM as much as we enjoyed designing it for you!"

Liesbeth will be addressing the entire Spark audience about the next steps she's taken with her business POM.

Maria Rosaria Di Lecce, Writing with Rosie


Emotional Copywriting: the next step to a sales page that converts

Writing with Rosie

During my talk I will start off by briefly explaining what emotional copywriting is, why it is the future and how you can incorporate it in your business and use it to take it to the next level.  We will walk through the importance of knowing your brand’s emotional identity before creating content, and together we will analyze the do’s and don’ts of a Sales Page that sells and is emotionally strong.  Through the use of selected examples, we will look at all the elements making a sales page; we will discuss the structure, the use of storytelling and branded keywords, the trends and the ways to stand out. 

Session take-away: you will learn how to level up your business by using emotional copywriting. You'll will be aware of the best techniques to connect emotionally with audiences, and you will gain clarity regarding the emotional identity of your brand. You'll feel more confident and ready to take the next step to create a copy that coverts more. 

Maria Rosaria Di Lecce, founder of Writing with Rosie, is an Emotional Copywriting Expert and Coach. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs voice their businesses and connect emotionally with their audiences through powerful copy.     After working more than 8 years as a creative translator and 5 years as a content marketing, Maria Rosaria decided to start her own online business to support entrepreneurs struggling with writing content and copy that will convert and attract new audiences. Her current services include copywriting and coaching.   She is a fervid supporter of self-expression, and believes that writing is the purest form of art. 

Bela Stankova, Genevva Coaching


Bela Stankova, Executive Coach & Founder of Genevva Coaching

Bela will be part of the afternoon panel on The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

Bela is a certified co-active coach and a corporate trainer. To her coaching practice, Bela brings a combination of non-profit board experience, senior management and leadership development practice of over 200 engineers in the software industry. On her last corporate role at the tender age of 28, Bela oversaw the professional development of 700+ employees in 7 countries and was running 4 social educational initiatives - programming academies with more than 12,000 online and 1000 in-house participants. With a broad educational background in Political and Economic Studies, Sociology, Rhetoric, HR and Executive Management, Bela knows how to bring the macro and micro perspectives together, helping founders create successful businesses while working on the internal behavioural challenges. Originally from Bulgaria, Bela started her high-performance consultancy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she currently lives with her husband and son.

Lieke Beelen, Visual Contracts


Visual Contracts, facilitating collaboration between legal, business, and customers

Lieke Beelen, Founder Visual Contracts

With Visual Contracts I facilitate and practice collaboration between lawyers and designers amongst others, in order to create a smooth process and great legal ground which is understandable for everyone. In the talk I will focus on visual thinking, design thinking and improving the creative mind (especially for those who have a more linear oriented work style). Next to that I will present the process of the project you can find on the about page of my website, how did a lawyer and I work one-on-one for 1 year to make an accessible privacy statement?

Biggest take-away from this session is a new mindset in dealing with the legal aspects of your business.

Lieke Beelen, legal design thinker and founder of Visual Contracts, 31 years old, in the legal innovation field since 2015, 2nd prize of the The Hague Innovators prize 2015, improving access to justice,  finalist Award winner of the European Youth Award, a background in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology including an MSc Annotation for Entrepreneurship, freelance service/UX designer since 2013 and passionate for Latin/Caribbean music, dance and culture.

Juel McNeilly, Ladyliciousness



I’m a life coach, experience designer, trainer, performing artist, poet, and photographer. As you might have guessed, I’m a curious lady, so I’ve designed my life to incorporate all of the things I love.  There are so many interesting things in the world, so much to learn… that I simply cannot get bored. I am most inspired when facilitating the 'switch' an individual goes through when they shift to a new and empowering insight about themselves, or their surroundings. And, I love it when it happens to me!  I help women lower stress, by connecting to their inner source. Holding space for them to explore and become aware of their minds, bodies, behaviors, patterns, needs and emotions - creating a deeply fulfilling relationship with themselves.  I am Juel. I’m a life coach. I’m a trainer. I’m an artist. I'm curious about the world. And you. 

Juel will be leading a breakout session called Tuning In as well as performing for the entire audience.

Hester Stolk, Büro Kif Interior Design


Hester Stolk, Founder & Creative Director Büro Kif Interior Design

Hester is part of the afternoon panel on The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

Hester  is passionate about creating gorgeous interiors that resonate with your lifestyle. ”My focus is to mix smart interior space planning with personalised detailing.” Hester studied at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in London, graduating in 2008. Since then, Hester has overseen several projects, both renovation and interior styling, in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Both her international focus and her knowledge of several languages allow easy contact and understanding. 


Eva Visser Plaza, Eva Authentic Living

EvaVisserPlaza .jpeg

Eva Authentic Living

Eva is part of the afternoon panel on The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

I am a child of two worlds. The heart-centered Spanish world and the rational Dutch world. As a child I grew up in this bicultural world. With a lineage of authentic women who were stubborn to make things work their way. I have had a rich experience living in both worlds and studied various things, had various jobs and finally after landing into Burn-out I got real about myself. I started to connect with my body and became a rebalancing bodywork therapist after being a consultant in a consultancy firm. Three years ago my life trembled again, I was diagnosed with cancer. And from that moment it became very clear to me that we have to live our life in trust and not in fear. That we have to see everything as a possibility and use our potential to enjoy life and create an impact in the world. Since 5 years I have my own practice where I guide women to become the authentic leaders so that they can serve a greater purpose.