Bela Stankova, Genevva Coaching


Bela Stankova, Executive Coach & Founder of Genevva Coaching

Bela will be part of the afternoon panel on The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

Bela is a certified co-active coach and a corporate trainer. To her coaching practice, Bela brings a combination of non-profit board experience, senior management and leadership development practice of over 200 engineers in the software industry. On her last corporate role at the tender age of 28, Bela oversaw the professional development of 700+ employees in 7 countries and was running 4 social educational initiatives - programming academies with more than 12,000 online and 1000 in-house participants. With a broad educational background in Political and Economic Studies, Sociology, Rhetoric, HR and Executive Management, Bela knows how to bring the macro and micro perspectives together, helping founders create successful businesses while working on the internal behavioural challenges. Originally from Bulgaria, Bela started her high-performance consultancy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she currently lives with her husband and son.