Britta van Arman, Living Chi


Optimize your (home) office for maximum prosperity

Take the next step to a truly mindful lifestyle! Applying Feng Shui helps to increase the energy of the environment so that your mindfulness work is also supported by your surroundings.

With just one basic Feng Shui formula, based on compass direction and birthdate, I help you to identify the best work space in your home so that you can check, amend and create a working area that supports you in whatever you do, puts you in the flow, increases your efficiency, your relationships and outcome of all your efforts! 

If you bring your own floorplan (with the compass directions) you can practice immediately!

Britta has always been fascinated by the phenomenon that one space feels better than another one and how this impacts on wellbeing, relationships and performance. During her career as Event Organizer she discovered her talent to maximise spaces and create comforting environments and decided to study Interior Design. Followed by several years of intense Feng Shui training, she then founded Living Chi to help women creating supportive and balanced homes to maximise prosperity. Britta is also a certified Chakra & Aura healer as well as a home stager; she connects all these disciplines in her spatial consultations.