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Your differences make the difference: 7 advantages to successful entrepreneurship

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This session will look at how being different has its advantages when wanting to start a business or looking for a job. There is no other way to see it, being an immigrant makes you different from the rest of the local community, and you will always be different, whatever you do. So why not learn how to make the best out of this reality?  We are going to explore at least 7 advantages and 7 tips the participants can implement right away. During the session we are looking: How to fuse your past life with the new one and get the best out of it. Accept your uniqueness and show it off Use your network to your advantage Use curiosity and create mystery discover a niche can you create out of your uniqueness? How to use your own perspective and find different ways you can implement locally – problem solving, products, services , etc  The workshop is interactive, fun, and takes the participants through a path of discovery, awareness and confirmation.

Edmée is a professional leadership coach and coach trainer with a track record in coaching business leaders and blended learning programs. She is a key speaker in subjects related to cultural awareness and the development of the culture competency.  Has written many articles on the impact of culture for organizations and individuals. She works in 4 languages.

Edmée is a real globetrotter. Born in Caracas- Venezuela, Dutch parents, she lived and worked in several countries, she combines blended learning and coaching skills with cultural awareness.  Edmée has Masters in anthropology from London School of Economics, UK and is a Professional certified coach from The Success Unlimited Network, Coaching school in the USA.  Was founder and President of the Dutch Chapter of ICF, and was the Chair of the certification and accreditation commission for the ICF 2011 – 2013 and keeps being a member of the ICF Accreditation and certification core group.



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