Eva Visser Plaza, Eva Authentic Living

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Eva Authentic Living

Eva is part of the afternoon panel on The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

I am a child of two worlds. The heart-centered Spanish world and the rational Dutch world. As a child I grew up in this bicultural world. With a lineage of authentic women who were stubborn to make things work their way. I have had a rich experience living in both worlds and studied various things, had various jobs and finally after landing into Burn-out I got real about myself. I started to connect with my body and became a rebalancing bodywork therapist after being a consultant in a consultancy firm. Three years ago my life trembled again, I was diagnosed with cancer. And from that moment it became very clear to me that we have to live our life in trust and not in fear. That we have to see everything as a possibility and use our potential to enjoy life and create an impact in the world. Since 5 years I have my own practice where I guide women to become the authentic leaders so that they can serve a greater purpose.