Jennifer van Dijk, Van Dijk Accounting


The Flow of Your Money: the next steps in figuring out your company's numbers

This session is to help female entrepreneurs understand the in’s and out’s of what their money is doing and how they can make their business more profitable. I will explain three concepts – Revenue, Expense, and Profit and provide examples of analyzing this information can make your money work better for you. For instance, with expenses, are there things you are paying for that you shouldn’t be? With regards to profit, how do you calculate which clients are profitable? Are you making enough money to pay yourself a salary? I will provide examples of areas for improvement as well as suggest (free) tools that help entrepreneurs track their money better.

I am an American accountant with more than 15 years of experience in multinational corporations that has lived and worked in The Netherlands for more than 12 years. I started my own accounting company because I like helping people that are brave enough to go after their wildest dreams. I also wanted a career with the flexibility to adjust to the needs of my two young daughters.

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