Jo Parfitt, The Book Cook


Write a book to scale up your reputation

Jo Parfitt, The Book Cook

A book is your best business card. Making it available to your clients and prospective clients increases your power and proves you have the authority to do what you do. This talk or workshop will give you the steps and tips you need to create a book that will work for you and your business. Learn the importance of focus, how to write what readers want and how to remain true to your brand. Take away tips, resources and ideas to help you take the next step towards being an author and having a product you can sell 'at the back of the room'. 

Jo Parfitt is the author of over 30 books on subjects from computers and careers to cookery. She has been published by giants such as Macmillan and Longman and has self-published too. She runs Summertime Publishing with a team of dedicated freelancers who help clients to plan, write, edit, design and publish their books for online worldwide sale. Since 2002 Jo has mentored 100s of new authors who are typically small-business owners from the world of global mobility. Jo has lived and worked in eight countries and is currently based in The Hague.

Jo Parfitt has mentored more than 100 authors through the book-writing process 'from brainwave to bookshelf'. Not only is she giving all conference attendees a free book but you can visit to download even more useful stuff.

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