Lieke Beelen, Visual Contracts


Visual Contracts, facilitating collaboration between legal, business, and customers

Lieke Beelen, Founder Visual Contracts

With Visual Contracts I facilitate and practice collaboration between lawyers and designers amongst others, in order to create a smooth process and great legal ground which is understandable for everyone. In the talk I will focus on visual thinking, design thinking and improving the creative mind (especially for those who have a more linear oriented work style). Next to that I will present the process of the project you can find on the about page of my website, how did a lawyer and I work one-on-one for 1 year to make an accessible privacy statement?

Biggest take-away from this session is a new mindset in dealing with the legal aspects of your business.

Lieke Beelen, legal design thinker and founder of Visual Contracts, 31 years old, in the legal innovation field since 2015, 2nd prize of the The Hague Innovators prize 2015, improving access to justice,  finalist Award winner of the European Youth Award, a background in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology including an MSc Annotation for Entrepreneurship, freelance service/UX designer since 2013 and passionate for Latin/Caribbean music, dance and culture.