Maria Rosaria Di Lecce, Writing with Rosie


Emotional Copywriting: the next step to a sales page that converts

Writing with Rosie

During my talk I will start off by briefly explaining what emotional copywriting is, why it is the future and how you can incorporate it in your business and use it to take it to the next level.  We will walk through the importance of knowing your brand’s emotional identity before creating content, and together we will analyze the do’s and don’ts of a Sales Page that sells and is emotionally strong.  Through the use of selected examples, we will look at all the elements making a sales page; we will discuss the structure, the use of storytelling and branded keywords, the trends and the ways to stand out. 

Session take-away: you will learn how to level up your business by using emotional copywriting. You'll will be aware of the best techniques to connect emotionally with audiences, and you will gain clarity regarding the emotional identity of your brand. You'll feel more confident and ready to take the next step to create a copy that coverts more. 

Maria Rosaria Di Lecce, founder of Writing with Rosie, is an Emotional Copywriting Expert and Coach. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs voice their businesses and connect emotionally with their audiences through powerful copy.     After working more than 8 years as a creative translator and 5 years as a content marketing, Maria Rosaria decided to start her own online business to support entrepreneurs struggling with writing content and copy that will convert and attract new audiences. Her current services include copywriting and coaching.   She is a fervid supporter of self-expression, and believes that writing is the purest form of art.