Shawna Snow, Insite in Action


Discover how your mindset is shaping your outcomes

InSite Youth Leadership,

This session is based on the work done by the Arbinger Institute of which Shawna is certified. They have written and sold millions of books: Leadership and Self-Deception, The Anatomy of Peace, and The Outward Mindset. She'll take the women on a basic understanding of the inward and outward mindset and how we can choose to be outward minded towards others. An Outward mindset is when we choose to see others as people and not as objects - the practicality can not be understated. It’s a simple concept, but requires an awareness of oneself and a willingness to change. The simple yet profound shift makes all the difference and required no one else to change and puts oneself in the place of personal power. ArbingerNL has just launched it’s company last Spring of which Shawna is a part - and she uses material in her own work along with other staff and has been giving workshops and keynotes to companies since she was certified in June 2017. 

Shawna Snow is an American, and now a Dutch citizen who has lived in Amsterdam for 11 years. She founded an NGO in 2007, and has been actively running local and international programs since then. Her heart remains with the youth as she comes from a teacher background. Her Youth Leadership Program, InSite has taken hundreds of students through a life-changing process as she aims to see them be courageously good and compassionate leaders which our world desperately needs.   She’s a mother of five, a former widow, and a grandmother of one. She loves to create new things, especially experiences. This drives her family crazy at times as she has a high sense of meaning and purpose and sometimes they just want to “chill out”. She’s written a book, “Snow in March” a memoir of her journey with grief as well as co-authored “Creating a Playground for CLASS, the leadership training workbook used by her foundation. 

Hannah Huber