Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers, Project Manager IT Innovation at IBM


The Digital Revolution and its impact on the small and medium enterprises

We stand on the brink of a big digital revolution, the 4th Industrial revolution. Innovation and disruption is everywhere: rapid developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, 3D printing, connected devices… just to name a few. The expectations are that the Digital Revolution will have an impact in almost every part of the human lives and will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and interact to each another.  Some of the questions that many of us are already asking are:  - What kind of changes and challenges will the tech revolution bring to this world? - What will be the impact of the digitalization on the small and medium businesses? - Will the old business models still be working, or the entrepreneurs will have to think about new ones? - Why do we actually need more girls and women in IT? - How to develop the skill- and mind-set of the future? - How the women can use the actual tech developments to better position themselves, in business and in the society in general.  My presentation will focus on giving answers on these questions and on many other that will come from the audience, while engaging the audience in a live discussion.

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers is a Project Manager IT Innovation at IBM. In the last 10+ years she has been working on implementation and management of IT solutions and projects for various IBM clients in The Netherlands and Europe.  Next to that, she is also an advocate and promoter of gender equality in IT and STEM.  She is a founder of the Women's Professional Empowerment Initiative – Amsterdam, mentor of women and girls in IT, and she actively participates in various initiatives and campaigns on women’s economic empowerment, locally as well as globally.

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