Suze Maclaine Pont, Financial Empowerment for Heart-Center Entrepreneurs

Your Money or Your Life


Some people struggle their whole life with money while others create financial freedom easily. Why is that? It’s easy to think that that has to do with education, background, skills, timing, intelligence, work, habits, your job, investments. While in realty it is none of these! There is only ONE reason for your financial results, and that is your subconscious programming around money. We tend to think: once I have the ‘money thing’ aligned, then everything will turn around for me. So you work hard, push yourself, try to change your habits. All hoping that ‘one day’ you will suddenly have accumulated enough and all your problems will just disappear. In reality, it is the other way around. Your subconscious programming determines your financial and life succes. And it will do anything to sabotage your attempts to change it. Come to this workshop and learn why money is NOT your problem, and how to create anything you really want!

Suze's mission is to create world peace by empowering (wo)men to fully live their true potential. She believes strongly that our money patterns have the potential of transforming how we show up in the world and ultimately, how much of our freedom we truly embrace. Her background as shipbuilder/ first mate on tall ships combined with coaching and trauma work give her a very practical down to earth approach to deep and profound transformations in life and business. Her personal experience as entrepreneur, mother and leadership expert working with some of the world’s largest corporations, give her a very unique perspective and make her the foremost expert on finding harmony while creating impact and value in the world at large. She is an accomplished inspirational speaker, author, and coach who empowers women and men to live up to their financial and personal potential.

Suze speaks twice a month on her own platform, and has been speaking all over the country about money at networking groups. Her work is featured in the Dutch Financial Times among other specific entrepreneurial magazines where she has had a regular column (like Sprout).

Hannah Huber