Tara Phillips, Cause & Affect Speeches


Tara Phillips

Cause & Affect Speeches

You have something important to say.  An idea to share, a story to tell, a message to shout.

A business to bring to the world.  

The stage is your platform.

It’s an opportunity to bring clarity around your product, service - your purpose.  

It's an opportunity to inspire.

It's an opportunity to lead.

But it's an opportunity we only get once.  We must do it right.

In this interactive session you will learn 3 crucial and easily implementable approaches that will bring more buy-in and confidence.  

You will improve your impact by learning tools to communicate your ideas with clarity and conviction.  

1) Start with the end in mind.  Learn how to get clear on your goals for the presentation, what you want to achieve, what the audience must take away. Create one clear message that will steer the whole presentation. 

2) Strong beginning; even stronger end.  Engage and connect with the audience from the first moment until the last.  Learn how to capture attention and keep it.

3) Talk to hearts and minds.  Persuasion and influence comes in many guises.  Understand the importance of bringing your message logically and emotionally.

I look forward to seeing you on the 27th!