5 Inspiring TED Talks

I don't know about you but I am addicted to TED talks. So much knowledge and information packed into just 18 minutes and on every subject you could ever imagine.

The heartbeat of the Spark conference is our talented line-up of speakers. All successful female entrepreneurs in their own right they gather together to connect, inspire and help our attendees thrive.  

We want Spark to be the must-attend conference event for female entrepreneurs in the city. Which is why we were so delighted to welcome the lead coach of TEDx Amsterdam, Tara Phillips of Cause and Affect Speeches to work with our speakers and to help them put on the best show possible.

As a TED coach, Tara sees hundreds of pitches and talks every year. I had to ask her, "what are your favourites?" This is what she told me:

Arianne Huffington – How to succeed? Get more sleep

Ultimate proof of how strong a message can land while making people laugh.

Elizabeth Gilbert - Your elusive creative genius

My heroine. This talk is smart, personal, funny. The way she uses language is beautiful and thought-provoking.

Chimamanda Adichie – The danger of a single story

Such an important message. Especially relevant now with the so-called refugee ‘crisis’.

Jessica Shortall – The US needs paid family leave -- for the sake of its future

A vital, moving talk for any working mother, anywhere.

Siyanda Mohutsiwa – Is Africa's Future Online?

I had to squeeze in one ‘my’ speakers. I am so proud of Siyanda. This talk is intelligent, sassy and eye-opening. How a 22 year old can be so eloquent and provocative with such a strong ‘ idea worth spreading’ is incredible.

We cannot wait to see the impact that Tara has made on this year's Spark Speakers. Don't miss out, get your ticket before they're gone.