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361degreesLab Workshop: Finding the work you will love

  • A-lab Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS Amsterdam (map)

Was one of the your New Years resolutions "Finding the Work you will Love?" Then this is a great step towards it.

Now that you have years of working experience, you get an irrepressible feeling that your talents and abilities could and should be used in a totally different, more creative and impactful way?

You hear everyone buzzing about “meaningful work”, “finding your passion”, “going for your dream” and you have a tingling feeling that it is something you also want. At the same time, it is hard for you to see how to approach those big life changing concepts and how you can get closer to doing the work you will love.

In this workshop:

- We will help you to discover what the first steps are for finding your new direction.

- We will provide you with some practical tools for translating these abstract concepts into actions.

- We will accompany you in reflection about meaningful work, passion and going for your dream.

Above all, you get to meet with like minded people and you will have at least one thing you can do on Monday morning to be closer to doing the work you would love.

This workshop is offered as a collaboration between Paul Hughes and 361degreesLAB.

Paul Hughes is an internationally renowned speaker. Drawing live as he speaks along ten meters of paper, he helps individuals and organizations understand their role in this changing world by making the complex clear.

Through his Ten Meters of Thinking, a unique visual-verbal performance, he explores leadership, innovation and communication in order to stimulate individual and organizational development. 

361degreesLAB offers an "in between" space for professional exploration, development and growth. This workshop is designed to help people who are looking to find purpose and direction in their work. Using the inspiration from Paul Hughes, we will focus on application of different concepts into your own context and reflection on your next steps.

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