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Entrepreneurship: Skills for staying ahead in the game

Do you have the right Skills for the FUTURE?

Experts say that some of the hottest jobs of today will be obsolete by 2025. For example, some believe that Lawyers, Accountants, Actuaries, and Consulting Engineers and any other professional mainly involved in dealing with information is going to be replaced by algorithms and the AI. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs study predicts that 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human workers. So lets talk about the future. What skills do you need to have? How do you navigate in change? How do you prepare for the Jobs of the future? How do you stay relevant with your company or as a professional in coming years?

In the workshop Entrepreneurship: Skills for Staying ahead in the game we will talk about different aspects of changing landscape of jobs, new ways of working and skills and competences one should have to be able to adapt to the new realities of the workplace.

- We will discuss how technology changes collaboration, context and requirements of most jobs.

- We will discover how the AI already challenge some of the most widespread professions out there.

- We will focus on skills that become very important in the new realities of the workplace.

This workshop is offered by the founder of 361degreesLAB Natalija Counet.


Natalija Counet manages a company that designs practical solutions for the Skills of the Future challenge. With background in creative industries, collaboration, corporate consultancy, learning & development, Natalija has spent years helping people to develop skills for the new reality of the workplace. In her work within 361degreesLAB, she explores the trends and developments, maps the reality of technological and socio-economic disruptions and helps professionals and companies to find best development and learning strategies for coming years.

""The foreseeable future will change dramatically many industries and professions. It is not any more talking about whether change is going to happen, it is about anticipating when, how and what are the new possibilities out there. The development of Skills for the New reality presents a lot of new challenges. It becomes critical for individuals and for business to understand what is already there and anticipate what is coming. This is the only way how you get time to master the right skills before you actually depend on them."

Do you have the skills of the Future? Join to find out! Places are limited, so reserve fast

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