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Gender Equality Conference 2017

  • 113 Weesperstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1018 VN Netherlands (map)

One of Spark's partners is The Gender Equality Conference 2017 (‘GEC 2017’) which will be conducted in two days from the 21st to the 22nd of November 2017. This event will focus on the gender equalization of the job market within the European Union.

GEC 2017 will be structured by the initial speech of a Keynote speaker of the day, giving a basic introduction to the theme of the day, based on the expertise and interest of the given speaker. This will be followed by at least two workshop activities per day. The ‘workshop activities’ involve smaller groups and are lead by a workshop leader. These smaller group settings hope to create a more intimate environment and thereby encourage greater audience participation. In addition, a moderator will be issued for each day, who is to give the opening remarks of the day along with our Chairwoman and ensure the functioning transition between the activities. GEC 2017 is organized independently under a supervision of European Student Think Tank.

Collaborating with European Student Think Tank

The European Student Think Tank (EST, established 2010) is an international NGO run by students for students, which provides a platform for students to form and share their opinions on all things European. Through our activities we aim to bring the European institutions and students closer together, by encouraging our members to organise events and develop partnerships with influential organisations. The EST is dedicated to progressive ideals and the future of Europe, as well as providing students with opportunities to develop professional skills around their own interests and passions. 

Since 2016, we have been campaigning for gender equality in Europe under the name 'Empow(h)er'. The GEC 2017 is the flagship event of this campaign of the 2017-2018 academic year. It follows several successful events held last year by our talented members, including a number at prominent European institutions. 

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