Goal-Setting Workshop with Emmy McCarthy: held NOV. 28, 2017

Group size max 10 (SOLD OUT!)

Location: Loenen aan de Vecht

Did you know, businesses who set goals, make plans and commit to achieving them are 65% more likely to reach their goals than businesses who are just working on what needs to be done day to day?

On the 28th of November, we will be hosting a small, dare we say, intimate, goal setting session for business owners who want to get clear, get focused and take action on their business for 2018.

Setting your goals now, means that you hit January 2018 knowing exactly what actions to take to give your business a phenomenal start to the new year.

Emmy McCarthy, will be taking you through the process she uses with her own businesses, and those of her clients to;

• Review what worked best in your business during 2017 so that you can continue to build on your success using the things you have already proved to be working.

• Establish what your goals are for the coming year (and be confident that you are actually aiming for the right goals to move your business where you truly want it to be)

• Break down exactly what actions need to take and when in order to achieve success.

• Make sure you have the tools to monitor your progress so that you know how to make smart, informed decisions in your business and keep yourself on track.

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Hannah Huber
Visibility for Business - held SEPT. 26, 2017

Group size: max 10

Location: Loenen aan de Vecht

Full day of workshops with Stephanie Ward, Claudia Schalkx, Moriam Balogun, and Geraldine Leroye

Catering by Natascha van Gellecum

Cost: 195 EUR ex btw. Includes all meals, workshops, and follow-up session in Amsterdam Nov. 2nd

To register email: hannah@sparkwomen.eu

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Hannah Huber