What was Spark 2015 and why was it so special?

Amsterdam Academy, Jam Workspace, and Amsterdam Mamas teamed up to bring you the first ever SPARK in June 2015. Our three organisations joined together to hold this inaugural conference so that female entrepreneurs could:

  • Blaze a trail through our professional network
  • Improve our skill sets
  • Ignite the passion for our businesses

It was a sensational day, filled with 11 fantastic presentations, keynotes and, of course, wonderful people.

Keynote Speaker: Emmy McCarthy
Director, Stichting Amsterdam Mamas & McCarthy Consulting

Why you need a tribe, and how to find them

Emmy discussed why entrepreneurial females work better in communities that value their distinct skills and contributions. She covered community architecture, the importance of values, community participation for introverts and, of course, how to build their own tribes as Emmy did with Amsterdam Mamas.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Keynote Emmy McCarthy

Keynote Speaker: Marian Spier
Founder, TedxAmsterdamWomen

How can you reshape the future?

This talk explored how we can bring about change. Marian discussed ways you can reshape your future. She used examples of TED speakers and delivered many insights.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Keynote Marian Spiers

Kimberly Sweetman
Kimberly Sweetman Consulting

Personalised Productivity

This presentation focused on the importance of producing excellent work within a limited time frame. Going beyond tools for productivity, Kimberly explained how to determine your priorities and work style to help choose which time management tools and tips will work for you. 

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Presentation Kimberly Sweetman

Petra Fisher

Strategic LinkedIn use for networking

In this session Petra explained different ways to strategically use LinkedIn use for networking. The basis of her talk was built on sharing knowledge – Giving without expecting a favor in return. This session focused on staying true to yourself in order to resonate with the audience you wish to reach.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Presentation Petra Fisher

Amber Rahim
Amber Rahim Coaching

Fact-based decision-making is a myth. So how can we make good decisions?

In this interactive workshop, Amber taught how to be active listeners, and discussed how values are critical in decision making. She also discussed how to tell what emotions we are choosing from: love or fear.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Presentation Amber Rahim

Stephanie Ward
Firefly Coaching

Visibility Rules: How to Stand Out in a Noisy World

In this session, Stephanie discussed the ways to get move visibility online and offline. She covered how important a foundation is: being clear about your main message, your niche, what makes you unique, what you’re passionate about, your expertise, and what you value.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Presentation Stephanie Ward

Allison Hamilton-Rohe
Daily Outfit

Style Starts Now!

In this presentation Allison introduced the Principles of Personal Style. Allison discussed why what flatters you is just data and discussed how style conveys what matters to you.  Get the keys to unlock your own style statement with this powerful and exciting behind-the-scenes look at personal style!
Watch the video

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Leticia Vasque

Minding the gap: getting unstuck from negative cycles 

articipants received an overview ofsix core principles, each of which help address the frictions so often experienced by women, and that are easily addressed. They are 1) practicing great self-care; 2) relinquishing the need to control people you cannot control anyway; 3) having the strength to receive gifts, compliments and help graciously; 4) respecting your partner’s decisions; 5) expressing gratitude ; and 6) striving to be vulnerable.

Serah Lister

S.E.T Success Formula[TM], 3 universal laws that cannot be ignored if you want to succeed in your life and business

In this presentation Serah explored questions like: What best represents you? When do you want to live the life you’ve always dreamt of? Then Serah presented the S.E.T Success FormulaTM (SEED + EFFORT + TIME = HARVEST) as a framework to take action!

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Serah Lister

Marjet Wullink
Bureau Bold

Get on top: How to get on Google’s first page of search results

n this presentation Marjet provided participants with the knowledge to do their own keyword research and put the keywords into the right spots in their website for best results.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Marjet Wullink

Lauren Valbert
Empowering Management

The Power of Failure

he most successful entrepreneurs fail. A lot. Because they understand that failing leads to learning, which leads to improvement, which leads to success. In this personal presentation Lauren uses examples from her personal life to discuss how big failures can lead to big successes.

Download the presentation: Spark 2015 Lauren Valbert

A special thanks to our sponsors of SPARK 2015!

Catering provided by the HEALTHY HAPPY GREEN &  BAHNMI GIRLS

A special thanks to photographer Emilio Brizzi for documenting the event and to Rudi Wells for providing professional headshots for Spark attendees.

With thanks to all our attendees, our Spark Tribe. Thank you for inspiring us to keep connecting you.