Ataro Food & Spices

Introducing West African Cuisine to the World

Ataro Global Food Services Holding B.V. — based in The Hague, South Holland — was created to bring West African cooking, cuisine, recipes and spices to The Netherlands, Europe . . . and eventually the world. West African food is flavorful, delicious, and nutritious, using fresh, natural ingredients and wonderfully exotic spice combinations and sauces to create extraordinary meals. But unlike Asian food, French food, Italian food, etc. — which are known and appreciated the world over — the cuisine of Nigeria and West Africa is little known outside its own region.

Ataro Food & Spices is about to change that!

Our goal is to introduce West African and Nigerian cuisine to the rest of the world, through:

Your West African Food Ambassador

Company founder Ebere Akadiri is a passionate ambassador for West African cuisine. A native of Nigeria, she now lives in The Hague. She is an expert in the development and manufacture of West African Food. She had two highly successful restaurants in Nigeria and a catering company employing over 56 people.

Relocating to the Netherlands in 2013, Ebere took her love of her native cuisine with her and offered cooking classes to introduce West African and Nigerian cuisine to the Netherlands. This proved so popular that Ebere opened her own shop in the centre of The Hague offering cooking classes and selling her own brand of spices.

Her Ataro range of spice products sell through the shops and online and she now consults with food companies and culinary schools to show them how to appeal to a wider audience using Nigerian and West African recipes.

Ebere is committed to showing how healthy and wholesome West African and Nigerian cuisine truly is and bringing this joy to the world!

To learn more, email us at

Bojana Flavors

Bojana, the founder of Bojana Flavors believes that anyone can cook well. It takes some planning and preparation - the part that she's covered for you in her book in detail with clear step by step instructions. Commit to try this method for two weeks and you will never go back to your old ways!

That’s exactly why she's made this book, because she truly believes it can change and improve people’s lives, giving you better food and more time for your family while taking away the stress.

Visit Bojana Flavors website and Pre-order TODAY taking advantage of a 25% discount, for only €15 plus shipping!

(expected delivery date is September 2017).

Pantha Rhei Massages

Meet Mara van Hoek, Namasté!

Care for an ‘experienced hands’ experience?

Ever since I began taking on clients in 2004, I’ve enjoyed my work as a full time TouchPro® practitioner and a certified sports masseuse, and in that time over 15.000 massages have been happily given and received. In addition to my competence and wealth of experience, I offer extra knowledge and expertise in the fields of deep tissue massage, triggerpoints, reiki, kinesiology, energy work, mindfulness, pranic healing, yoga and meditation. This brings extra value and depth to the practical efficient TouchPro® Chair massage and also possibilities for some personal support and advice.

Quality and experience with attention and dedication: a very nice way to literally pass on a moment of enlightenment…

Want to get acquainted with these ‘experienced hands’? Enjoy the first three TouchPro® Chair massages… for free! See voucher in your Spark goody bag.

Mara will be providing free chair massages during the breaks on March 28th at De Balie! Be sure to find her in the foyer.

Driven Sales

Are you looking to increase revenue? Should part of that revenue come from attracting new clients, but do you feel like you don’t have time to focus on them? Are you keeping their interests in mind, and actively connecting with your prospects? What is the next step? Who follows up on your contact and turns that prospect into a client...?

These efforts take up a lot of time, and cold calling isn’t for everyone. In other words, you might not be using enough of your ‘commercial capital'!

Driven Sales and Support offers a professional and affordable way to support businesses in their professional services, by bringing them into contact with new clients! Just a few hours a week guarantees that your prospects will get the attention they deserve.

What we do

Tell Lucy

Everyone has a story. I can help you tell yours.

Words can change the world. They can make people feel inspired or enthused, make their mouth water or their eyes roll. Words can paint a picture, sell a product or explain a concept. And words can make or break a relationship, a deal or a business.

If you want to make the most out of your words, Tell Lucy your story.

Writing  ~  Editing  ~  Training

I’m a writer specialising in science and sustainability. Check out my articles, find out more about me and drop me a line.



Broadcast Amsterdam

Broadcast Amsterdam is a non-profit media organisation for Amsterdam, providing a platform for English language videos about Amsterdam via our YouTube channel and regular seasons on the local Salto television channel (

Our aim: To provide accessible English language information and lifestyle video content for all of Amsterdam, mainly for the benefit of non-Dutch residents that have not yet mastered the Dutch language; residents desiring a better understanding of local, cultural life, and the unique opportunities and challenges of living and working in this great city. But we hope all of Amsterdam will benefit from our work!

What’s happening now?  Follow us on Twitter (@broadcastams) or Facebook ( to keep ahead of developments and hot off the press stuff.


Fabienne Chapot


Fabienne Chapot is een Amsterdam-based lifestyle label, vernoemd naar de founder en CEO van het merk. Haar collecties, bestaande uit een ready-to-wear collectie, schoenen, tassen, accessoires en een servieslijn, zijn fun with with a little edge. Een eclectische mix van rijke kleuren en playful prints.

Fabienne Chapot (1981) begon haar carrière bij een reclamebureau, maar werd al snel getrokken door het avontuur van ondernemen. In 2006 stapte ze op het vliegtuig om op Bali de inmiddels iconische hartentas te ontwerpen. Het kleurrijke ontwerp lanceerde haar carrière als tassen designer en baande de weg voor haar succesvolle onderneming, genaamd Fab.

Na 5 jaar haar bekende handschrift te zetten op tassen, portemonnees en leren accessoires gaat Fabienne samenwerken met haar beste vriendin van de basisschool, Ellen Rijntjes (1982). Ellen neemt de volledige lancering, design en productie van de schoenenlijn op zich.

In 2016, als het merk 10 jaar bestaat, besluit Fabienne dat het tijd is voor een nieuw avontuur. Ze is volwassener geworden en voelt de behoefte om dit door te vertalen naar haar merk. Ze besluit verder te gaan onder haar eigen naam en maakt een lang gekoesterde droom waarheid, een ready-to-wear collectie. Vanaf dan wordt de, al sinds 2011 werkzame, Sophie van Bentum (1984) benoemd tot Creative Director en is daarmee verantwoordelijk voor alle designs en brand identity. Fabienne richt zich vanaf dat moment, in de rol van CEO, voornamelijk op de groei en ontwikkeling van het label. 

Vandaag is Fabienne Chapot een internationaal lifestyle brand, met een ready-to-wear collectie, schoenen, tassen, accessoires, sieraden en een servieslijn. Daarnaast heeft het merk succesvolle samenwerkingen opgezet met grote namen als KLM & Citroën. Het label heeft een flagship store in Amsterdam en wordt in meer dan 500 winkels in Europa verkocht. In 2016 werd Fabienne door EY genomineerd als Emerging Entrepeneur of the Year, waar ze de finale bereikte. Fabienne Chapot brings fun fashion for everyday life.

Fabienne Chapot has donated a raffle prize. Enter the raffle by dropping your business card at the registration desk on March 28 at De Balie to win a beautiful Fabienne Chapot purse!

American Book Center

ABC has developed a loyal community of book-lovers over the past couple decades in Amsterdam. We're pleased to have them join us at De Balie on March 28 with a bookstand, featuring books that appeal to our female entrepreneur audience. 

Several local female entrepreneurs will be present to sign their books, including Rachelle Meyer illustrator of Rockstar Mom and Colleen Geske of Stuff Dutch People Like.

ABC has a pin machine, making it easier to purchase your favorite books for your business.