Amber Rahim Coaching

Amber Rahim Coaching

Offering personal coaching, workshops, and in-company programs

About Amber: As a reformed perfectionist I understand the feeling of “this isn’t good enough” or “I need to do better”. But when we stand in our strength, we can ease our foot off the accelerator and get there quicker. Coaching enabled me to let go of perfectionism and embrace the extraordinary in everyone, including myself. Coaching helped me and I can help you.

I help you to realise how extraordinary you already are. And I’m motivated by seeing you thrive. I help you achieve your goals and thrive through coaching, workshops, and programs.

I am certified coach and hold an honours degree in Industrial Economics. It’s a funny looking combination but there is a common thread: understanding what needs to change and actually making it happen.

I unleash my own creativity onto the world through my writing about being a parent of a child with chronic illness at With humour and vulnerability I bare all my faults, thoughts and observations to create understanding of what life is really like when someone in your family is ill all the time and the impact this has on the whole family.

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