Fitzpatrick Chiropractic

You try to bring your best game to yourself, your family, and your workplace.  But sometimes, it's tough to be at your best.  I help your nervous system adapt to physical, emotional, and environmental challenges so you are more present in your body and you are able to thrive. 

Our bodies and minds are under more pressure than ever before in human history. We are battered by environmental, chemical, and emotional stress on a constant basis. 

I optimize your nervous system so that your body can face these challenges.  I help you stay clear and focussed on your goals.  

I bring 13 years of chiropractic care, health and fitness knowledge, ergonomic design strategies, and spiritual counseling from New York City to you.

I help you bring your best game to life.

Peace, Health, and Joy,

Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C.,


Hannah Huber