LED Light Therapy Amsterdam


Many celebrities owe their beauty to LED light therapy, relying on the underlying technology and photomodulation it offers to help stay looking young with perfect skin. Light exposure is all you need to retain a youthful appearance and natural beauty replacing cosmetic surgery.

About Virginie

Coming from Lyon, France, Virginie is passionate about beauty and well-being. She discovered Light Therapy 5 years ago, trying it for the first time in Lyon. She enjoyed it so much that she then decided to become a Light Therapy practitioner and import this new technology to Amsterdam. Many years of experience have thought her how to use photomodulation to smoothen prominent wrinkles, correct complex skin problems such as acne, scars eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, stimulate hair growth and even lose weight! Beyond the benefits for your skin, a session with Virginie is also a relaxing moment for your mind. You can make an appointment online here.