WE Club

Marja Godvliet, Authentic Connections SPARK 2018 by the We Club


What is communicated in the white spaces between the sentences? Are you seen and heard at a gathering?  Do you feel part of the tribe?  Bringing out the authentic voice of the participants, organisers and speakers fuels my passion for connection. 

Content is what drives us to join an event, but we will only be satisfied when we have connected to like-minded. My event interviews, icebreakers and talks contribute to more authentic connections where professionals gather.   

At SPARK 2018 I will interview speakers and organisers to find out what Sparks women entrepreneurs at this moment in time. After last year's women's march and the #MeToo movement more and more women are finding the courage to speak their truth. How does that translate into doing business in The Netherlands? What is ‘The Next Step for us? Tune in to the interviews that will be shared on Sparks FB Page