David Chislett, Creativity Trainer

The New Business Of Creativity

Today the word ‘creativity’ gets met with a lot of resistance in business circles. This is for a few reasons: The biggest is that we have learned to think of creativity as ART. It’s not. Art is just a product of creativity.

Management has learned to view creativity as uncontrollable, unpredictable, unmeasurable and difficult to monetise. The stereotypical ‘creative’ employee is also seen as difficult, rule breaking and undisciplined.

And yet, technology is moving so fast that our business models and companies cannot keep up. Clearly, we need to make a massive change.

Creativity is the skill that enables you to;

  • Problem solve

  • Innovate

  • Invent new products

  • Improve processes

  • Stay ahead of the chasing market pack

Discover the top skills, methods and habits YOU can cultivate to elevate your business. After this session you will encounter:

  •   Optimum conditions to be inventive

  •   The role of community in innovation

  •   Thinking skills to boost creativity

    David Chislett grew up running his own businesses in the various Creative industries. He is both a creative and an entrepreneur. Now, he combines his experiences with book publishing, band management and public relations with hard research into the psychology and neuroscience of Creativity. David presents training and coaching that helps clients to re-think, re-evaluate and re-work and become better inventors, innovators, thinkers, adaptors and problem solvers. The new world needs new answers to all our old problems, and re-thinking is the key.

Maartje Blijleven, We Love Communities

The Secret of Successful Communities

Learning outcomes for this session: 1. What are the secret ingredients of a successful community, 2. How do you start a successful community (step-by-step plan), 3. How do you activate your community and find ambassadors who are happy to help you so you can grow together.

As an individual, influencer, professional and company you need communities to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world we live in today. Are you ambitious and do you want to use the power of communities to achieve your goals? Apply for this session! Communities are a trend. Facebook has recently changed its mission and is mainly focusing on communities over the next 10 years. In this digital world full of incentives and fake news, people desire to connect with people who have the same passion as they have and which they can trust. Independent research says people trust each other more (62%) than they trust media (32%). So there is a big opportunity for all of us if we start leveraging the power of communities. In this session you will learn how to do so.

As a leader in digital marketing and co-founder of IncludeNow., WomenTalkTech and We love communities, Maartje Blijleven attributes her success to the power of communities. She speaks at (international) events about how communities and networks strengthen both individuals and organizations, and gives you examples from different industries and organizations. This ‘internet-adept’ with great passion for marketing, communications and the digital world has been working in ‘digital’ for 18 years now. She worked for International clients like Endemol, KLM, Heineken, Peugeot, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Schiphol Airport and Dyson. Maartje strongly believes communities are needed for marcom professionals and the creative industry to stay relevant. She is currently writing a book about successful communities and will share her vision, trends and insights.

Hebe Boonzaaijer, Deloitte

Hebe is leading Health & Well-being client services, and works within Human Capital Consultancy at Deloitte. Supporting business leaders and their teams on their broader people agenda, Hebe has developed a special passion for employee wellbeing and organizational health, providing pathways for employees and leaders to adapt to the new ways of working. She and her team at Deloitte help clients across various industries to set up a Health & Well-being Strategy and implement that successfully. She also drives a platform called “Innovations in Workplace Well-being” where innovations in this space are being shared among leading organizations in the Netherlands, supported by academic research, together with Deloitte’s partners TNO and Zilveren Kruis. Hebe studied Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and completed a postdoc study in Mindfulness at Radboud UMC.

Imola Berczi, Partner at WOMO Architects

WOMO Architects is an Amsterdam and London-based architecture practice founded by Imola Berczi and Wouter de Jonge.

Imola and Wouter have been working together for 10 years and have combined their complementary expertise to successfully design 50 projects. They have worked on every stage of the design process from feasibility consulting, through conceptual and schematic design, to construction delivery. Their projects range from the design of a pavilion to the execution of a 260,000 square metre mixed-use complex.

The practice's design approach is informed by experience successfully navigating the cultures, design needs, and building processes in 28 cities, in 20 countries. 

WOMO Architects is supported by a dedicated network of architects, engineers, urban designers, and specialists in Amsterdam, London and, as needed, worldwide.

Imola is speaking at the open plenary.

Hannah Huber, Founder Spark

Hannah grew the Spark community from scratch back in 2014 when she came across the challenges involved in setting up her own business Amsterdam Academy. What started off as a one-off ‘mini’ conference for local business owners has turned into a movement. She believes in the power of knowledge-sharing, helping women to grow their business and develop their skill sets. Hannah looks forward to welcoming you to the 5th edition of Spark!

Claire Passy, ThereSheGoes

Claire will be joining our panel Elevate your business, lessons learned

Claire Passy is a French entrepreneur based in Amsterdam who wanted to use her diverse background in order to help women breaking the glass ceiling.

While studying English & German linguistic, literature and philosophy, she used to work as an actress. This literary career brought her to lead different projects as an actress, a scriptwriter and an assistant director. She also assisted a therapist with her acting skills to improve life of adults with psychological disorders and worked in international co-production for TV series.

Somehow this atypical course brought her to the entrepreneurship world. 

Claire is currently the co-founder and CEO of ThereSheGoes, the first sociable network for women.

It is a mobile application gathering all women’s initiatives around the world in order to boost women’s careers and break the glass ceiling. 

ThereSheGoes is a way to combine her passions and her creativity in order to build an innovative project while supporting a major cause.

Steph Panther, My Mindset Coach

Breakout session: Global Professionals - working with interns, joint session with Tara Michael

Steph’s passion is to inspire and empower people to be the most authentic expression of themselves.

A ‘professional expat’, originally from Melbourne Australia, Steph has travelled and lived in various different communities around the world. She understands the challenges involved in setting down in a foreign land and having to build a life (& business) from the ground up.

This is what inspired her to build My Mindset Coach, an online coaching business for young ambitious professionals who are leaping into a big lifestyle change. 

She works with clients 1:1 around the globe, helping them to stay accountable and achieve their personal and career goals in less time. 

Steph is very passionate about the Spark community and knows the positive effects of having an inspiring network.

As our Community Outreach advisor, Steph loves to bring like-minds together to collaborate, learn and grow together in a supportive and fun environment.

Lisa Ferland, Crowdfunding

Breakout session: Leveraging Crowdfunding to Grow and Engage with Your Audience

Participants will 1. Understand the different types of crowdfunding and which one is best for their business. 2) Understanding the prerequisites before launching a crowdfunding campaign 3) Best practices with strategies to implement right away.

Crowdfunding is becoming more popular than ever as small businesses and entrepreneurs are entering the space. Competing in a crowded arena with more businesses means that it takes a creative strategy to find success and stand out from the crowd. This masterclass discusses what crowdfunding is, how it can help small businesses and entrepreneurs find funding, clients, and drive more sales.

Lisa Ferland breaks down complex processes into easy-to-follow steps for entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses to provide value and reach more people on crowdfunding platforms.