Claire Passy, ThereSheGoes

Claire will be joining our panel Elevate your business, lessons learned

Claire Passy is a French entrepreneur based in Amsterdam who wanted to use her diverse background in order to help women breaking the glass ceiling.

While studying English & German linguistic, literature and philosophy, she used to work as an actress. This literary career brought her to lead different projects as an actress, a scriptwriter and an assistant director. She also assisted a therapist with her acting skills to improve life of adults with psychological disorders and worked in international co-production for TV series.

Somehow this atypical course brought her to the entrepreneurship world. 

Claire is currently the co-founder and CEO of ThereSheGoes, the first sociable network for women.

It is a mobile application gathering all women’s initiatives around the world in order to boost women’s careers and break the glass ceiling. 

ThereSheGoes is a way to combine her passions and her creativity in order to build an innovative project while supporting a major cause.

Hannah Huber