David Chislett, Creativity Trainer

The New Business Of Creativity

Today the word ‘creativity’ gets met with a lot of resistance in business circles. This is for a few reasons: The biggest is that we have learned to think of creativity as ART. It’s not. Art is just a product of creativity.

Management has learned to view creativity as uncontrollable, unpredictable, unmeasurable and difficult to monetise. The stereotypical ‘creative’ employee is also seen as difficult, rule breaking and undisciplined.

And yet, technology is moving so fast that our business models and companies cannot keep up. Clearly, we need to make a massive change.

Creativity is the skill that enables you to;

  • Problem solve

  • Innovate

  • Invent new products

  • Improve processes

  • Stay ahead of the chasing market pack

Discover the top skills, methods and habits YOU can cultivate to elevate your business. After this session you will encounter:

  •   Optimum conditions to be inventive

  •   The role of community in innovation

  •   Thinking skills to boost creativity

    David Chislett grew up running his own businesses in the various Creative industries. He is both a creative and an entrepreneur. Now, he combines his experiences with book publishing, band management and public relations with hard research into the psychology and neuroscience of Creativity. David presents training and coaching that helps clients to re-think, re-evaluate and re-work and become better inventors, innovators, thinkers, adaptors and problem solvers. The new world needs new answers to all our old problems, and re-thinking is the key.