Helen Maynard-Hill, International Fundraising Consultancy

Masterclass session: Mpreneurs accelerator

Are you an entrepreneur who LOVES her business but also loves her family? As a busy business person and working mother do you find it difficult to juggle personal commitments around attending workshops and networking as they are ALWAYS at the children’s bedtime!

At Mprenure we work to a different beat. We have a program that fits around the school run, unavoidable appointments and other commitments. We know that you as an entrepreneur are no less committed to your work, but you’re also dedicated to your personal life. At Mpreneur you can have it all! 

At Spark, we are pleased to present Mpreneur – the Ultimate Kick-Butt Accelerator program. We will be showcasing Mpreneur by compacting the 5 sessions of the Mpreneur masterclasses in to 50 minutes. Included in the Mpreneur session will be expert top tips on copywriting, legal advice, impact measurement and how to get funded. All of the tips come from leading experts in their fields including Marie – Anne Chaloupecky, legal firm Benvalor and Stanley Anyetei from Triodos Bank. We are also planning to have sessions in the summer with Fawaka providing social impact workshops for the children whilst you work!

The masterclasses and work sessions are for those who want to make a social impact through their enterprise and already have work experience, knowledge, network and a passion for change. The masterclasses are focused on ‘getting the job done’ with the most efficiency to the best effect.

We’d love to see you at the session to help you on your way to getting your business to kick some butt!

About Helen

Helen is an experienced fundraising and marketing professional with over eighteen years’ experience working within the not for profit sector both in the UK and the Netherlands. Driven and self-motivated, she sets out to achieve the best in anything she undertakes.

After re-locating to the Netherlands 11 years ago, Helen continues to work in the not-for-profit and social enterprise sector engaging in marketing, business development, corporate liaison, idea ideation, projects and businesses to bring sustainable income to mission driven good causes.