Maartje Blijleven, We Love Communities

The Secret of Successful Communities

Learning outcomes for this session: 1. What are the secret ingredients of a successful community, 2. How do you start a successful community (step-by-step plan), 3. How do you activate your community and find ambassadors who are happy to help you so you can grow together.

As an individual, influencer, professional and company you need communities to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world we live in today. Are you ambitious and do you want to use the power of communities to achieve your goals? Apply for this session! Communities are a trend. Facebook has recently changed its mission and is mainly focusing on communities over the next 10 years. In this digital world full of incentives and fake news, people desire to connect with people who have the same passion as they have and which they can trust. Independent research says people trust each other more (62%) than they trust media (32%). So there is a big opportunity for all of us if we start leveraging the power of communities. In this session you will learn how to do so.

As a leader in digital marketing and co-founder of IncludeNow., WomenTalkTech and We love communities, Maartje Blijleven attributes her success to the power of communities. She speaks at (international) events about how communities and networks strengthen both individuals and organizations, and gives you examples from different industries and organizations. This ‘internet-adept’ with great passion for marketing, communications and the digital world has been working in ‘digital’ for 18 years now. She worked for International clients like Endemol, KLM, Heineken, Peugeot, Nationale Postcode Loterij, Schiphol Airport and Dyson. Maartje strongly believes communities are needed for marcom professionals and the creative industry to stay relevant. She is currently writing a book about successful communities and will share her vision, trends and insights.