Marlise Hamaker, Spark Speaker Trainer

Listen up! You might use those words to get people’s attention, but how do you make sure your message really comes across? You call Marlise Hamaker. She’s one of the two speaker coaches for Spark this year.  

You might know her from her presentations at the Spark conference in 2017 and 2018 with Petra Grijzen. Last year Marlise quit her job at BNR News Radio and started the Amsterdam based business Listen Up, which specializes in coaching professionals to communicate more effectively. Yes, people like you. Marlise enjoys working with women especially because she believes it's time to hear their voices more often; not just on stage but within organizations as well. Listen Up works with entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, and women on their way to and in the boardroom. 

Want to know more? Marlise is really into coffee ->