Sandra van der Lee, Web Designer

Breakout session: The secret to building a high-converting website

About the session: Good SEO isn’t about just installing the Yoast plug-in or paying an SEO-specialist hundreds of euros a month. The basics are simple and rely on a little bit of research and a lot of consistency. I’ll share simple tips and tools, most of which are free! 

Then there are certain websites mistakes I see again and again. We want visitors to know, like and trust us. The next step is to make it easy to buy from us. Aside from mistakes, I’ll also share some simple design principles for those that DIY their website. I’ll compile all of the information into a fillable and printable checklist for easy reference after!

About Sandra: Sandra van der Lee believes that your business should be built with ease. That’s why she designs strategic and beautiful Squarespace websites. She’s a business partner that will give advise, research the best solution for you and create an online home that you feel proud of. Sandra works with passionate professionals, ranging from brand new 1-women shows and fantasy rock bands all the way consultancies with 40+ employees.

Aside from web design, Sandra hosts masterminds, in-person retreats and organizes an annual virtual summit. She’s a strong believer in partnership, honesty, and bold solutions! Always up for a coffee or an impromptu trip, she can be bribed with blueberry muffins if necessary.