Vicky Hampson, Director Victorious Consulting

Breakout session: Unlocking your value: How to craft and leverage your value proposition

As a result of attending this workshop, attendees will understand how to organise your business around what customers really want in order to leverage value & growth and to trigger customers most important needs requirements pains & gains.

Why attend: Present the strategic importance of a solid VP as the building blocks of value generation & growth planning.

What is a VP: Explore definitions & key methodologies. understand the building blocks of a VP. Learn what makes a winning VP  

How it works: How does your VP form the foundations of Value generation- Facilitated breakout session.

About Vicky: Passionate about enabling and empowering businesses and teams. Obsessive about value generation and growth! 

Having spent the past 25 years in the corporate world my learnings have been immense. Now it's time for me to pay that forward, and share what I've learned.

Hannah Huber