What is ЯesonatoR?

ЯesonatoR is a bespoke podcast service that elevates conference and event conversations to a

new, higher level. Daily ЯesonatoR Podcasts capture and share the insights and energy of

professional events in real-time by bouncing voices, viewpoints and actionable intelligence back

to event participants. A final summary podcast distills outcomes and delivers to listeners and

organizers the big picture zeitgeistÆ

Spark is pleased to welcome Resonator to the conference. Interviews will be taking place throughout the day to capture the conference for attendees to be able to reflect back and continue learning.

Better Conversations

The ЯesonatoR engagement process energizes the conference atmosphere through

appreciative inquiry, careful listening & thoughtful dialog. We kickstart the conversation and

keep the insights flowing throughout events.

Better Content

ЯesonatoR focuses on language and message and that leads to strong and nuanced content.

We tap the rich expertise of often unvoiced participants. This wisdom†of†the†crowd†combined with

expert input results in strong conference takeaways: news, insights, actionable intelligence.

Better Community

ЯesonatoR celebrates the people and professional connections that emerge when people

gather. By focusing on multiple voices we amplify the authenticity that builds empathy and

community. Inclusion and participation is what ЯesonatoR is all about.

Better Capture - Better Strategy

ЯesonatoR draws out and captures what matters most – actionable, professional takeaways

worth sharing. This business intelligence and the conference zeitgeist†help conference

organizers better understand the ground truth of their event for more deeply informed future

planning, strategy and communication.


Benjamin Lorch, Founder, ResonatoR Radio

ben@ResonatoR.berlin and +49 (0)176 69 82 30 82