Hannah Huber, Founder Spark

Founder Spark & Amsterdam Academy

Spark was founded by Hannah Huber, a Dutch-American mother of 3 who has called Amsterdam her home for over 13 years. Originally from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and having lived in Washington, DC, Hannah's passion is bringing inspirational people together, connecting talent to those who can learn from this talent. Hannah previously served as a resident director for the leading U.S. study abroad organization for American students, running programs in Amsterdam and Groningen. She has a proven track record in curriculum design, organizing events, finding guest speakers, and hosting events. Her intercultural skills complement her passion for bringing people together and making connections. Throughout the process of starting her own business Amsterdam Academy, she realised how many female entrepreneurs were operating in isolation of each other and decided to do something about it - Spark was born.

Colleen Geske, Advisor


Director, Head of Social Media Iamsterdam, Co-founder of EdenFrost Communications, and author of Stuff Dutch People Like

Colleen Geske is the founder and best-selling author behind the brand Stuff Dutch People Like. Originally from Canada, Colleen has called Amsterdam her home since 2004. Described as "blunt, provocative and wickedly funny" her blog and books offer a satirical look at Dutch culture as seen
 through the eyes of an outsider.

Built entirely from scratch, Stuff Dutch People Like now reaches a combined audience of over 20-30 million individuals each month and is hugely popular with expat, international and Dutch audiences alike.

Alongside her own entrepreneurial endeavors, Colleen has worked as a strategic advisor for the City of Amsterdam since 2008 combining her love of the city with various initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining internationals to the Amsterdam area.

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Saron van Diemen, Event Partner 2016-2017

Spark Co-Organizer 2017

Total Self

Saron van Diemen is the owner of Total Self - Fitness for the Body and Mind. Her natural habitat is outdoors in the parks of Amsterdam, where she combines fitness and coaching to help her clients achieve long-lasting, positive change to their wellbeing. She is fascinated by human behavior, particularly when it comes to habits. In addition to individual coaching and training, she also offers workshops and group sessions, always with the goal of bringing people closer to their Total Self. 


Emmy McCarthy, Advisor & Event Partner 2015-17

advisory board member & Spark conference event partner 2015-2017

Emmy McCarthy Consulting

Emmy is the founder of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas, owner of Emmy McCarthy Consulting and a co-organiser of Spark Amsterdam. She also folds paper cranes. Emmy is a gentle nudge over the cliff's edge for businesses who are on the tipping point of good to outstanding. Because it is much more fun to leap into the next phase with someone by your side. 

When she's not digging around in other people's businesses you can find her growing her village in the city by connecting you with the information and support you need to live the life you want in Amsterdam. If you would like to get to know Emmy better, make sure you are registered for her fortnightly Notes for the Curious, a jam-packed blast of tips and tricks for building your business.