Claudia Schalkx

 The marketing mistakes you didn't know when you started your business and how to fix them now 


I have been in the world of marketing and PR for the past 25 years working for a wide array of companies and small business internationally and domestically. In a time where everybody is an expert in something very concrete, very niche, I decided to be a generalist with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs sail past the confusing tips and critical blunders and have marketing guidance that is actually tailor made for YOUR business, so that marketing works for you instead of you working for your marketing. I am your dedicated professional pair of eyes and ears reviewing your business, your goals, your style and what you have done so far to help you see exactly where the gaps are, as well as what are the next best and most immediate actions and opportunities you need to take to achieve results.

Speaking at pre-conference March 27th at WeWork