Melissa Curran

The More of Less (when organizing your business)

Professional Organizer | Melissa

I have always been organized. Growing up as a “military brat”, my family moved every few years, so organization was not just a goal for our family, but a way of life. Over the course of my life I’ve been consistently challenged to devise new solutions to the “problem of stuff.” Not surprisingly, my professional life also reflects my early introduction to skills such as order and efficiency! Before starting Melissa I worked for 20+ years with non-profits, corporates and start-ups managing information and systems, creating and improving processes and coordinating events and office moves.  Everywhere I look I see opportunities to make transitions and spaces more restful, peaceful, and efficient. We are all busy people in a busy world. Organizing our home and workspace is so much more important than we realize: often the simplest solutions lead to emotional, practical, and even fiscal clarity.

Speaking on March 27 at WeWork